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My Favorite Web Sites - Winchester Star - 4/26/01
 by Martin Zombeck

This is a bi-weekly column providing an annotated list of Web sites that may be of interest to the community. Each column will list sites that belong to a particular category: search engines, art, online newspapers and magazines, health and medicine, history, business and economics, etc. or sites relevant to a particular season, for example, skiing or gardening. Most sites will be non-commercial. To make it easier to access the sites, each bi-weekly column will be posted on the Town of Winchester's Web site so that the sites can be accessed and bookmarked without having to be typed. Previous columns will be archived at the Winchester site, also.

Having guests over for dinner? Tired of drawing maps and writing detailed instructions on how to find your home? Need a map and directions to drive to a given location? The solution is a mouse click and a few key strokes away. Enter the street address and town in one of the map creation programs below and obtain a street map with the location marked on it. You can make maps of different resolutions (zoom factors) and customize the maps - change the map title, change and label the location icon, select the map style, and add comments. You can add additional locations to the map - municipal buildings, businesses, hospitals, etc.. Click on an icon and a description pops up along with a telephone number! Detailed driving directions to and from the location are also provided. Planning a road trip? You can obtain detailed driving directions and maps, hotels listings along the way, and destination guides. And it's all free!

Thousands of fixed format maps - typographical, political, economic, and nautical are also available on the web.

My favorite. Contains all the features mentioned above.

Not as full-featured as Mapquest but provides maps of foreign cities. Need a street map of Paris? This is the place to get it.

Maps on Us

A commercial site which provides programs for purchase - giving you automatic trail and road routing, elevation profiles, shaded relief maps; nationwide street-level and highway maps of the entire US on a single CD-ROM; high-performance GPS (Global Positioning System) hardware and mapping software. Free driving directions and excellent street maps for anywhere in the US are provided.

A commercial site that provides programs and CD-ROMs for purchase - nautical charts, topographical maps, aeronautical charts, USGS topographical maps, trail and national park maps and more.

Free topographic maps. Customized maps and map making services available for a fee.

The CIA's World Factbook
World reference maps and maps and summary information for every country in the world.

United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Special maps - earthquake maps by state and region; flood tracking maps; volcanic eruptions.

USGS Mapping Service
National mapping service.

Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection
The online map collection of the University of Texas.

Geography References
Links to a variety of mapping and geography sites.

Marvelous high resolution city maps of Germany.

Thomas Bros. Maps
"Highly accurate, content rich, easy to use, and visually appealing, Thomas Guides are available as handy, spiral-bound map books for your car or office."

Maps of Winchester
Maps of Winchester, street directory, regional maps, aerial photographs of Winchester, bus and commuter rail routes.

The next column will feature genealogy sites. Previous columns with live links can be found at

When he is not updating the Town of Winchester web site (, Martin Zombeck can be found at either the Packer tennis courts or at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, where he is a senior physicist.