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The Winton Club

The Winton Club is a non-profit organization with a membership of 250 women devoted exclusively to the support of the Winchester Hospital through service hours and fundraising activities.

It was founded in 1911 by 17 young ladies in response to an appeal to sew linens for the new Cottage Hospital. While the actual sewing of linens was discontinued as a Winton Club project in 1979, the Club continues to designate a portion of their yearly gifts to the hospital's linen budget.

Each year Winton Club members volunteer over 5000 hours of in-hospital service, in addition to many hundreds of hours outside the hospital. Winton Club has maintained a Gift Shop in the hospital since 1948 and has sponsored an annual Cabaret for over 75 years during the last week of January. Supported by a volunteer cast from Winchester and the surrounding communities, Cabaret is enjoyed by an audience in excess of 2200 people during its five-night run. An attractive 200 page Program complements Cabaret and provides an advertising medium for over 900 advertisers.

Winchester Hospital has benefited from over $2,000,000 in special gifts, purchases of equipment and patient linens through the efforts of Winton Club members.

For further information: Phyllis Gleason, President

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