September 2001



Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s):


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide information and support to parents in their efforts to set standards for and provide guidance to their child and/or teen, Winchester Tobacco Control Program and the Winchester Substance Abuse Coalition have combined resources to present you with this Parent Survival Kit. This kit contains several packets of information on topics like ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, AND OTHER DRUG USE, VIOLENCE, TEEN DRIVING, AND TEENS AT THE MALL. Each packet is presented in the form of a common dilemma or situation that a parent may encounter. Within the packets are concrete steps you can take to deal with the dilemma and resources to contact for information and further support.


Also included is a list of parent guidelines for you to consider and a resource pamphlet for you to give to your child/teen. We hope that you will keep these materials handy and find them a positive source to help you deal with the many stresses of parenting.




Winchester Tobacco Control Program

Winchester Substance Abuse Coalition










The Winchester Tobacco Control Program (WTCP) proposes to raise awareness of the need for continued high level enforcement of tobacco control public policy initiatives within the town of Winchester. The local regulations are designed to make it harder for youth to buy tobacco and to protect the public from environmental tobacco smoke. Smoking is prohibited in all public buildings and on school grounds and playing fields. As a core component, routine compliance checks are done by the WTCP that enables them to monitor youth access of tobacco products in the town and surrounding communities. The Winchester Tobacco Control Program can provide further information; printed materials and videos and educational aids to the community. Please feel to call the Winchester Tobacco Control Program at (781) 721-7121.


The Winchester Substance Abuse Coalition (WSAC) is a comprehensive community based organization that focuses on bringing together all the key town organizations in order to work towards our common goals. The WSAC works collaboratively with individuals, town agencies and WTCP to reduce substance use among town residents, particularly youth. The WSAC implements activities such as the 1999 Winchester Youth Risk Behavior survey, effective-based substance use prevention education in the Middle School and educational materials for adults. If you would like to join the coalition or participate in any of our events, please call Liz Silva at (781) 721-7157.


WTCP and WSAC would like to formally thank the following organizations for helping to produce this useful kit:


Burlington Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Winchester Board of Health

Winchester Police Department

Winchester Public Schools

Massachusetts Tobacco Control Programs

Massachusetts Department of Public Health BSAS

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention