Fire Prevention Checklist

  • Smoke detectors placed near bedrooms, away from air vents
  • At least one smoke detector on every floor
  • Smoke detector batteries checked regularly
  • Emergency numbers posted near. telephone
  • Well-lit kitchen and hallways
  • Doors, hallways, and stairs clear of obstructions
  • No flammable materials (such as curtains or towels) within three feet of space heaters or stove
  • No flammable liquids stared near ignition sources
  • No frayed or cracked electrical cords
  • No electrical cords under rugs, over nails or in high traffic areas
  • No overloaded electrical outlets or extension cords; no unusually warm outlets
  • No electrical cords near sink or range
  • All fuses in fuse box are correct size
  • All outlets have cover plates and no exposed wiring
  • No alternate heaters hooked up to extension cords
  • No alternate heaters placed where they can be knocked over
  • Heaters are unplugged after you turn them off
  • No grease on stove or oven
  • Rubber floor mat in front of stove
  • No small pans on large burners or large pans on small burners
  • There is a rubber floor mat in front of the stove to prevent slipping
  • Dish towels are not used as potholders
  • No ashtrays on chair sofa arms or near beds
  • Chimneys clean and free of debris L 170, June 1990
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
    U.S. Fire Administration

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