Introduction to the 1976 Edition

The History of Winchester
The material which appears in the first volume of The History of Winchester is substantially the same as that which originally appeared in the 1936 edition by Henry Smith Chapman. The only significant changes relate to supplementary matters such as the introduction of a new, more ample index and a few pages of notes and comments in some part the result of recent research not available to Mr. Chapman in 1935. Some of the illustrations and maps have been rearranged in a manner which it is felt will make them less subject to damage as the book is used.

Throughout the more than three years of its existence the Winchester History Committee has been impressed by the high regard for Mr. Chapman's work expressed by professional historians and others interested in the early development of New England communities. It is, therefore, the hope of this committee that the publication of Mr. Chapman's distinguished work in a slightly revised format will gain an equal respect and acceptance not only among Winchester citizens but also among those living beyond the immediate confines of our town.

November, 1975

James W. Blackham, Jr.
Berry L. Reece
Leonor M. Rich
Bradley C. Ross
Frances B. Ver Planck
Marie Began, Secretary
Bradford Updike Eddy, Chairman

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